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All Hallows' Eve (2016)

As Eve celebrates her birthday on Halloween night, she discovers she's a witch and accidentally summons an old relative who wants to enslave the town.

IMDB: 5.11 Likes

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  • Language: English 2.0  
  • Run Time: 92
  • IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 4 / 7

The Synopsis for All Hallows' Eve (2016) 720p

As Eve celebrates her birthday on Halloween night, she discovers she's a witch and accidentally summons an old relative who wants to enslave the town.

The Director and Players for All Hallows' Eve (2016) 720p

[Director]Charlie Vaughn
[Role:]Lexi Giovagnoli
[Role:]John DeLuca
[Role:]Ashley Argota
[Role:]Diane Salinger

The Reviews for All Hallows' Eve (2016) 720p

"Duchess Bootie-Kicka"???!!!Reviewed byapryla-58795Vote: 1/10

Oh my god! Seriously?! I love that this movie came out in 2016 and it was so bad there is only one review on here (before mine).

I don't even know where to start! Dee Wallace?! This is what happens when you get old. You get relegated to drivel like this. She's a good actress. I feel so sorry that these are the types of roles she's not only offered but taking.

Tracy Gold? Is that you?! It's so hard to believe she was actually cute a long time ago. Time has not been kind to her. When I realized it was her I could not believe it! She looks straight out of central casting for a "slightly overweight haggard middle-aged soccer Mom from the Midwest". It's so hard to see actresses loose their looks.

The main actress looked like she was on Xanax the whole movie. So bland, quiet and boring. She looked like someone pry had to nudge her awake before each of her scenes. I think that's pry why the best friend decided to overact-she pry felt like she had to overcompensate for the fact that her co-star was just not "bringing it".

The little Amanda Bynes look alike little sister def needs more acting lessons however those won't help that annoying lisp.

The Dad had no lips and in one scene he looked like he just got done sucking on a berry popsicle. It was so distracting.

The Delayna character was so over the top it was annoying and like nails on a chalkboard.

The head waiter was so bad it's like they called in a grip from the set to fill in for the actor who was supposed to be in that role. "Ok so just stand here and say a few lines. Doesn't matter how you say one is gonna watch this garbage anyway."

I can't believe I kept watching this. I started to fall asleep at one point and I almost turned it off at another point but I kept thinking "Surely it can't keep getting worse!" It did.

Even the dog was a bad "actor". Why was it running sideways?!

You know who wasn't bad in this? The Barnaby in human form character. He actually seemed to be ok but of course he couldn't save this waste of a film.

I really want to meet the people who thought this was a good idea to make this film. I'd try to find a subtle way of telling them they need to find another line of work. I mean how are these people still finding work?!

This movie is so bad it was...well it was just bad! Avoid!

Loved It.Reviewed bymarkawymanVote: 9/10

I love watching movies like this.. I watched A Witch's Ball before this and plan on looking for a few more like it..

Movies like this are Halloween themed and make great kids movies without being overly scary. A HUGE Thumbs up for this movie!!

I've Had More Fun Watching The Paint on My Wall Dry Than Watching This TripeReviewed bydennisdolanphantomVote: 1/10

I don't have a clever intro to this review, so I'm just going to cut to the chase. This movie's pace is the equivalent of walking through a room that is filled to the brim with honey. To say that this movie is slow is the equivalent of saying that water is wet. A turtle would say that this movie needs to pick up the pace. My point is, it's boring.

No joke. This movie is slow as heel. This movie isn't worth turning spoilers on, because I'm one hundred percent certain that no cares about this movie (seeing that there are only two reviews for this movie and the both hate it). I've seen the worst of Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Hallmark and Lifetime original movies and something happens in them that can at least gets an ironic laugh out of me. However, even though some things happen in this movie, nothing happens.

I cannot think of a single thing that is even remotely passible about this movie. The acting is so wooden that it literal feels like watching to trees talking to each other. The cinematography is so bland that I hesitate to call it cinematography. The writing is Hocus Pocus without the silliness and the charm. The production design had less effect put into it than an essay written by a high schooler about The Scarlett Letter. The editing has all the excitement of an office cubical. Hell, even the custom design was basically just whatever the filmmakers could find at Party City. The only possible good thing I can think of is that the camera man decided to take the lens cap of the camera, turned the camera on and pointed in in the face of the actors

My advice, skip this one and warn others to stay away from this. Trust me on this one. You, and I mean you! The person reading this at 4 in the morning surrounded by pizza boxes. You could make a make a better movie that this

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