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Anatomy 2 (2003)

Anatomie 2 is a movie starring Ariane Schnug, August Diehl, and Herbert Knaup. The doctor and soccer player in the leisure time Jo Hauser decides to move to Berlin and be an intern in a famous clinic, expecting to increase his...

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The Synopsis for Anatomy 2 (2003) 720p

The doctor and soccer player in the leisure time Jo Hauser decides to move to Berlin and be an intern in a famous clinic, expecting to increase his knowledge and expertize, and help his handicap brother Willi Hauser. He joins a secret fraternity of doctors, under the leadership of Prof. Muller-LaRousse, who is researching the use of bionic muscles in human beings without any ethics or respect to the laws. The team is also volunteer to the experiences, and is under investigation of Paula Henning. When Jo gets close to a Filipino nurse, and becomes addicted in the drugs used in experience, he realizes the truth hidden in the methods used by the secret society in the development of science.

The Director and Players for Anatomy 2 (2003) 720p

[Director]Stefan Ruzowitzky
[Role:]Herbert Knaup
[Role:]Birgit von R?nn
[Role:]Ariane Schnug
[Role:]August Diehl

The Reviews for Anatomy 2 (2003) 720p

quite goodReviewed byKosinusVote: 6/10

the first one was great (a common sequel-problem...?)... this time it's a different approach to tell the story: more action, which results in fast cuts and steady-cam... but also in a lack of time to explain all reused elements from the first one (good!) and to introduce them (very bad!). The main characters are too stereotyped and don't show enough plausible development... at least it isn't boring for a second but it could have been done much better...

Med students are at it again.Reviewed bylost-in-limboVote: 5/10

A young medical student Joachim Hauser leaves home to take on an internship at a Berlin hospital. Through his hard work and willingness he catches the eye of Professor Charles Müller-LaRousse, especially when he risks his career by secretly conducting an operation on an uninsured immigrant child. Instead of dismissing him, Müller-LaRousse invites Joachim to join his group because of his commitment to push the traditional rules beside. He learns the members are in the society known as the Anti-hippocratics and they plan to replace muscle tissues with advanced artificial devices. And they themselves are the guinea pigs for the revolutionary experiment. He becomes part of the test subjects, but it does come at a cost when things turn dangerous.

"Anatomie 2" just happens to be inferior in every possible way to the mildly reasonable "Anatomie". In due credit, at least it does go for a different angle, but in doing so. It totally missed the point in what made the original film effective, in what it set out to do. The premise has a complicatedly overheated and radical vision, which did gain my interest, to only have trouble keeping it. This is when it becomes overpopulated with ludicrous assumptions, meandering pockets and very corny theatrics. There's very little room for intensity, suspense, action and even menace. Without these aspects, there's just no bang for your buck here. Those things made the original entertaining, especially how creepy, sterile and gruesome it could be. None of this even occurs on this outing and it registers as just another systematic thriller with comic Sci-fi brushes.

The verbose script is carefully structured with it dealing with the chemistry of body enhancements, junkie addiction and even touching on the immigrants' plights. But it does skip out on the fun and no real surprises are integrated into the fodder. While the story does seem to rush along, this is more towards Stefan Ruzowitzky's slickly accomplished direction. He illustrates quite an unique style and has a higher budget to work off, but considering that it didn't too much for the film's final outcome. Screaming throughout is an up-scale rock soundtrack interwoven into the humming musical score and agile camera-work has an untamed air to it. Editing is thick and fast, by trying to be ultra-hip and mixing it slow-motion when they decide to up the film's ante. After a impressive opening that grabs hold, it doesn't really hit its straps until a good 75 minutes have past. Performances are above par. Franke Potente returns, but only in a minor role as the policewoman who's trying to convict the wrong doers of medical trade. In the lead Barnaby Metschurat is sincerely likable and naturally good as Joachim. The beautifully capable Filipina Rosie Alvarez is innocently sweet as the concerned and caring nurse Lee. Heike Makatsch stuns in her intoxicatedly sexy turn as Viktoria, one of the interns in on the experiment. Herbert Knaup is perfect as the egotistically clinical Professor Muller-LaRousse.

While removing itself far from it predecessor with an expansively formidable (if preposterous. ) concept, it does lack the edge and atmosphere to simply leave this one to be quite a lacklustre medical Sci-fi thriller.

Not a Bad SequelReviewed byUriah43Vote: 5/10

The Anti-Hippocratic Society is back and they are continuing to experiment on human test subjects. The problem is that their concern isn't so much for any patients as it is for notoriety. To conceal their experiments, "Professor Charles Muller-LaRouse" (Herbert Knaup) has his young proteges experiment on themselves. Again and again. And when they are no longer useful he disposes of them. It is at this time that a young intern named "Jo Hauser" (Barnaby Metschurat) joins the medical center. Because his younger brother "Willi Hauser" (Hanno Koffler) suffers from a debilitating neurological disease he becomes very interested in their research. But he joins not realizing the full facts and the dangers involved. At any rate, rather than give away any of the mysteries or ruin the suspense I will just say that this movie progresses in a logical and dark manner. Good performances were done by all but I especially liked the aforementioned Barnaby Metshurat along with Rosie Alvarez ("Lee") and Heike Makatsch ("Viktoria") as the good and bad female love interests respectfully. All things said and done, this is not a bad sequel and I believe if you liked the first movie then you will probably like this one as well.

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