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Angel (1937)

Angel is a movie starring Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall, and Melvyn Douglas. A woman and her husband take separate vacations, and she falls in love with another man.

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The Synopsis for Angel (1937) 720p

Lord Frederick Barker is the British representative to the League of Nations. Current geopolitical tensions, which could lead to war if not dealt with, have him preoccupied with work, he more often than not feeling the need to deal with issues rather than delegate them to subordinates. As such, his wife, Lady Maria Barker, is feeling neglected, Frederick, totally devoted to and in love with his wife, unaware of her feelings. While he is in Geneva for work, she secretly flies to Paris under an assumed name to deal with her emotions with her old friend, the Grand Duchess Anna Dmitrievna formerly of Russia, the only person in Paris who knows her true identity. The Grand Duchess' general role in her social circle is to facilitate good times for others, with unspoken discretion. It is at the Grand Duchess' salon that Maria meets playboy Anthony Halton. While spending the evening together, Maria and Tony fall in love with each other, with Maria, under the circumstances, refusing to divulge ...

The Director and Players for Angel (1937) 720p

[Director]Ernst Lubitsch
[Role:]Edward Everett Horton
[Role:]Marlene Dietrich
[Role:]Melvyn Douglas
[Role:]Herbert Marshall

The Reviews for Angel (1937) 720p

This Angel Looks Rather TiredReviewed bykrocheavVote: 2/10

The usually sparkling directorial touches of Ernst Lubitsch are missing from this somewhat flat, superficial love triangle. It's best summed up as trite sophistication - with an overly made up Marlene Dietrich playing off between a rather wasted Herbert Marshall and Melvin Douglas. It all looks stylish and the players are up to form but the silly script leaves these classy players high and dry. The remastered DVD is superb but, let's hope we may see more interesting titles come out of the vaults of MCA from their Paramount holdings. After all, this title was one of those that killed Dietrich at the Box-Office and led to Paramount letting her contract go. It may look polished but lacks real substance - for fans and film study only.

Marlene's choice.Reviewed byst-shotVote: 7/10

Lady Barker (Marlene Dietrich) benignly ignored by her British diplomat (Herbert Marshall) sneaks off to Paris to visit an old friend running a fashionable salon where discretion is highly valued. There she meets a brash American Anthony Halton (Melvyn Douglas) and has a whirlwind affair with him before disappearing. Circumstance brings the two men together however and once revealed as rivals Barker is left with no option other than to decide who she will walk with.

One of Lubitsch's minor efforts from his Paramount period Angel is a well mannered romantic comedy that never raises its voice as adults behave like adults. Marshall and Douglas display charming civility with each other while the usually ice like beauty Dietrich supplies the right amount of hopeless romantic, strong woman to balance the trio. The usual stalwart Paramount supporting cast is in evidence with Edward Everett Horton, Edward Cossart, Herbert Mundin and Laura Hope Crews adding wit and humor to the proceedings while Lubitsch applies his famous touch of deft incidentals and open doors. The arrested passions and lack of high comedy however allows Angel to fly no higher than a mildly pleasant entertainment ably assisted by the grace and charm of its stars.

A Double Dry SpellReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 5/10

Looking at the criticisms so far voiced about Angel, the majority seems to feel it's a neglected Lubitsch masterpiece. Yet this was the film that caused Paramount and Marlene Dietrich to come to a parting of the ways. Marlene would not be back on the screen until she signed a new contract with Universal and made a comeback of sorts in something that would have been unthinkable for her in 1937. That film was a western, but the western was Destry Rides Again.

Ernest Lubitsch and Marlene Dietrich hit a double dry spell in Angel. The sum and substance of it is that up and coming young British diplomat Melvyn Douglas meets a mysterious and alluring woman at Laura Hope Crews's palace in Paris who he falls hopelessly for. But the alluring as ever Marlene is merely the very bored wife of a senior diplomat who is a member of the nobility, Herbert Marshall. It also turns out that Douglas and Marshall are old army buddies.

Somehow Lubitsch could not work his usual magic with Marlene. Her scenes with the two men seem to have no spark to them. In fact the ending is a bit of a shock, personally I think she made the wrong choice.

Where Lubitsch did well in Angel was with the supporting players. Laura Hope Crews is quite a bit different as the worldly countess than as that pillar of southern society Aunt Pittypat Hamilton from Gone With The Wind. Some of the back and forth commentary between Marshall's butler Ernest Cossart and his valet Edward Everett Horton are also quite droll. What snobs those servants can be, much worse than the people who employ them.

Sad to say Angel is a film with a lot of gloss, but no real substance behind it.

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