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Blackball (2003)

A rebellious young British bowls player teams with another older and more traditional player to take on the Australian bowls team.

IMDB: 5.52 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 96
  • IMDB Rating: 5.5/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 0

The Synopsis for Blackball (2003) 720p

Try as he might, the roguishly handsome Cliff Starkey, just can't keep out of trouble. In his sleepy home town on the English coast, nothing much inspires him...apart from bowls. Cliff has always preferred to play by his own rules much to the disapproval of the regimented, elderly bowls fraternity. Before long, the bay boy of bowls is turning the sedate and very English pastime upside down with hysterical results.

The Director and Players for Blackball (2003) 720p

[Director]Mel Smith
[Role:]James Cromwell
[Role:]Alice Evans
[Role:]Paul Kaye

The Reviews for Blackball (2003) 720p

Reviewed byAdam Roberts (Skaidon)Vote: 2/10/10

Right, Im not going to bore you with the intricacies of this film, astherearen't any, you've got your basic formula for a cheap sportscomedy:

Enter one washed out nobody, who happens to be the don of <insertsport>Said nobody gets big breakthrough, simultaneously falling in love withsomerandom blonde.Said blonde happens to be arch rivals relationblah blah blah

That aside, this film has the staple cheap gags, and the occasional visualgag, but, it never lifts off, sure, it'll make you laugh, but at whatcost!

If your a fan of Johnny Vegas, don't bother seeing this, he is wasted inthis.

Overall, a boring comedy, with cheap laughs and a blonde or two.


Better than you thinkReviewed byteamodroVote: 8/10

This movie seems to have a hate it or love it feel to it. I would definitely lean towards the love it if you can't figure that out from my 8/10 rating. There is a review on here from the son of a real bowler, which is kind of cool where its rare. I do disagree completely with his analysis. To each his own, but Ive never even heard of lawm bowling and liked the movie. To be honest, I think this is a movie that you enjoy more if you don't know the sport. Mainly, like many movies, if its very relevant to your life you will pick the accuracies apart. Kind of like a WW2 veteran watching Saving Private Ryan. National Lampoon has had a few good straight to dvd releases that well exceeded my expectations, and this is one of them. I would certainly give it a chance, and get a laugh out of a very different sport haha.

Sports Comedy by NumbersReviewed bypete wilsonVote: 7/10

I had expected a fun, simple sports comedy when I saw this. Instead I got a lazy, unfunny, god awful piece of film. Blackball makes a lot of assumptions of it audience, going beyond 'suspension of disbelief' to simply not trying. The love interest effectively appears out of nowhere, falling for the 'hero' at first sight, as he yells at her teenage pupils! The villain is bog-standard 'snob' to the hero's 'slob' but thats what a sport's comedy is, so not a problem. The problem is the young, wild bowler is unlikeable as they come. He's effectively every Adam Sandler character thrown into one but without the redeeming qualities. His relationship with the love interest effectively consists of him being obnoxious and her swooning. It as if the writer took bullet point notes of what a sports comedy is, but forgot why those key points work. At one point there's an 'emotional' moment of victory, barely 15 minutes in, the hero having only had crushing victories. At the halfway mark, apparently the success goes to his head, alienating his loved ones etc. but his personality and actions don't change, he is as irritating and self-centred as ever! There's simply no reason to care. The hero's 'badboy' persona is so overblown and garish, it strikes as a cynical and again LAZY effort. There's a scene where his slick PR agent attempts to win him over through various insincere threats and niceties, while he remains unmoved. That is the definition of this film.

Lazy. This film's only value is as an example of how-not-to.

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