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Blindfold (1965)

A New York psychiatrist is solicited by government agents in connection with a former patient of his who also happens to be a scientist wanted by certain foreign powers.

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The Synopsis for Blindfold (1965) 720p

Dr. Bartholomew Snow, a psychiatrist, is treating a man with emotional problems who, it turns out, is a brilliant scientist being pursued by different international powers and their operatives. Snow soon finds himself caught in the middle and out of desperation, he falls in with a mysterious and beautiful woman named Vicky Vincenti. But is she helping him, or is she yet another sinister figure out to manipulate him?

The Director and Players for Blindfold (1965) 720p

[Director]Philip Dunne
[Role:]Rock Hudson
[Role:]Jack Warden
[Role:]Claudia Cardinale

The Reviews for Blindfold (1965) 720p

"Blindfold" Disappoints On All LevelsReviewed bygerrythreeVote: 4/10

Aside from all too few location scenes of Manhattan in 1964, the movie "Blindfold" is a low-budget affair that wastes the acting talents of all involved in this movie. One scene stands out for me, as Rock Hudson's character is talking to the general, played by Jack Warden. They are supposedly flying in a turboprop airplane, yet their seats face each other, the window is covered by a long curtain and you see no one else, not even the pilot. Just a studio set, Universal wouldn't spring for filming in a mock up of a real plane or even in a real small plane. As usual throughout this movie, director Philip Dunne does an abysmal job staging the scene. What is surprising to me is that Joseph MacDonald, the director of photography, does such as bad job lighting up this scene and most of the movie outside of the scenes in Central Park. DP MacDonald usually was aces, as in westerns like "Rio Conchos" and "Alvarez Kelly."

The less said about the story, the better. This movie was co-writer Dunne's last screenplay and he quit while he was at the bottom. I still can't figure out why everyone made such a big deal about kidnapping the scientist, there is no explanation of what he was working on. Beautiful Claudia Cardinale wanders about the movie looking upset. In a chase scene at the end through a swamp, she wears a tight blouse that the director makes sure never gets wet, don't want to show too much of her assets.

The one word that describes this movie is "tired." No one wanted to do more then turn out about ten reels of film. Flat lighting, cheap sets, badly edited chase scenes and dull characters. Rock Hudson as a famous psychiatrist who has a problem with his girlfriend? This movie was a good way for Hudson to prepare for his later career on his series "McMillan & Wife," where cheap production values, bad lighting and shoddy writing were the norm for that 1970s series.

Except for the fine actors in this movie, I can't think of one positive thing to say about "Blindfold."

Should be out on DVDReviewed bycarolyn-25Vote: 7/10

I've seen this mystery/comedy on one of the cable channels, a few years ago. I believe it's a Universal picture, and it may be one of those movies that the studio hasn't gotten around to putting out on VHS or DVD.

It's not bad as a film, and I hope that it comes out on digital in the years ahead.

Rock Hudson is his usual self in this film, playing his typical cool guy/nice guy self in trying to figure out who the good guys/villains are. And this movie did keep me guessing till the very end.

Nice movie

Never touch a donkey's tailReviewed byAlex da SilvaVote: 7/10

Rock Hudson (Dr Bartholomew Snow) is a psychologist who is approached by Jack Warden (the General) to treat important scientist Alejandro Rey (Arthur Vincenti) who has been recently taken to a secret location for matters of National importance. This means that Dr Rock can only be transported to his patient while blindfolded so that he is kept unaware as to the scientist's hiding place. Claudia Cardinale plays the missing scientist's sister who suspects Dr Rock of being involved in her brother's kidnapping but then teams up with him to track down the scientist. All Dr Rock has to go on are the sounds that he has heard on the several journeys that he has made to him. Dr Rock and Claudia Cardinale set out on their adventure but there are others on the trail - stuttering Guy Stockwell (Mr Fitzpatrick) and bumble-brained detective Brad Dexter (Harrigan).

I'm not sure what is so important about this scientist or why people are suddenly interested in capturing him. The film's premise is that if he falls into the wrong hands, the enemy will be able to unlock his brain. He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown so only psychology can save him! However, up to this point, it seems that no-one has really felt the need to capture him. Why now? He seems like an unpleasant sort of fellow so the most effective cure would be to tell him to snap out of it or he's going into the swampy waters with the quicksands and alligators.

Another dodgy part of the film which isn't dwelt upon is the rather unhealthy past-time of Claudia's uncle Vito Scotti (Michaelangelo) who makes mannequins of her and dresses them up in underwear! I think that's the crime that needs investigating not the silly scientist storyline.

Rock Hudson keeps us watching as the story unfolds but the film is nothing special. The cast are all fine, apart from the curiosity that is Claudia Cardinale's diction. She speaks by stressing the wrong parts of every word so that she sounds as if she is putting on a deliberate Mexican accent with her already noticeable Italian accent. She is also given unrealistic dialogue for a foreigner, eg, "cock-eyed stunt" (3 times!) and "Bluebeard". This is not natural language that a non-native speaker would casually work into a conversation. She does have some great clothes, though, a sign of the times, particularly a stylish green outfit when she is in the park, where she reminded me of my mother (who also spoke English with a foreign accent - Portuguese). She also has a funny moment when she steps out of a van into a swamp.

Another stupid part of the story comes during a swamp chase sequence where Rock and Claudia get out of a predicament by using 2 mannequin lookalikes of Rock Hudson!! Where on earth did they suddenly spring from!!?? Of course, they must have been carrying them around with them throughout the whole swamp chase sequence but the audience just never noticed.

It's a comedy-thriller where everyone functions according to plan and clever use is made of the sound of geese. It's true - they sound like people laughing at a party. That's something I will take away from this film. That along with Claudia looking like my mum and the boy John Megna (Mario) playing Chinese Chequers. I've never seen Chinese Chequers in a film before.

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