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Brawler (2012)

After a devastating betrayal, two brothers return to the underground fight club scene in New Orleans and prepare to battle to the death.

IMDB: 3.95 Likes

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  • Run Time: 85
  • IMDB Rating: 3.9/10 
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The Synopsis for Brawler (2012) 720p

Sidelined by an injury incurred while protecting his young brother, underground fighter Charlie Fontaine feels blindsided when he discovers his brother having sex on his couch with his new wife, Kat. Fueled by rage, a determined Charlie makes plans to get back in the ring and take on his brother in a fight to the death.

The Director and Players for Brawler (2012) 720p

[Director]Chris Sivertson
[Role:]Bryan Batt
[Role:]Marc Senter
[Role:]Nathan Grubbs

The Reviews for Brawler (2012) 720p

You should avoid this movie at all costs.Reviewed bysikkwolfVote: 1/10

The thing about "Brawler" is this, it desperately wants to be an indie fight movie about two Irish brothers and MMA... But it fails. The actors aren't Irish, the chicks aren't that good looking and New Orleans doesn't make the same energetic backdrop that Boston or New York does in all the other movies that are ultimately just like it, but far superior in execution.

Out of the two lead actors you have nothing to like, one is a self righteous jerk that spends the first quarter of the film judging his unruly brother. Who by the way, is a skinny jean wearing pansy with a faux hawk. It's so hard to take any of what you're seeing seriously that by the time it does get to the fights you're drenched, marinated in the silliness of the experience and your jaded eyes can't help but see them for what they are, cinematic trash, just like the rest of the movie.

If you want to see a good fight movie about two brothers with "issues", check out Warrior, if you've already seen it, watch it again before you waste your time with this garbage. Just because something is "indie" doesn't mean it's great and defending it or acting like it's something it's not just makes you a fool with low standards.

These are of course just my opinions, if they smack to you as being overly critical then ignore them and torture yourself by sitting all the way through this pile of drek.

Secrets of Low Budget Film-MakingReviewed byA_Different_DrummerVote: 1/10

There is a lot of talk these days about how Hollywood has lost its edge, how it makes films by committee, using proved formulas (sequels) for world audiences. All this is true. But this does not mean you should go running to the nearest indie production and pretend that, just because it is indie, it is anti-Hollywood, and therefore worthy of praise. There is a reason indie is indie. Ninety nine times out of 100, it is horrible, wretched, and just plain wrong. Ninety nine times out of 100, indie should be second choice, as in, would you rather have a root canal or watch.... There are exceptions. Look at The Battery, not merely a great indie, but arguably one of the best films of the current decade. The brilliant Jeremy Gardner (talking about The Battery here, don't lose me) wrote a script so tight it squeaks, directed it so well that even the scenery is interesting, and plays the lead so well the film has already won several audience awards at festivals. The Battery is the 1 in 100 that breaks the mold. BRAWLER is the other 99%, rolled into one. Brawler typifies indie junk. Weak script, weak direction, and actors who -- you just know -- have a day job that probably involves making change. Brawler uses "film lipstick" wherever possible (loud noises, an overloud sound track, and fast cutting) to hide what it really is. But nothing can hide what it really is. It is indie. Ugh.

Decent fight filmReviewed bycraigc-818-624263Vote: 7/10

This film is not in the same league as Warrior (2011), however if you like never back down, rocky or any JcVD film there is no reason that you will not enjoy this film.

People who are looking for an artistic film are looking in the wrong place, this is simply a fighting film so look else where.

Yes the acting isn't the best, however it really isn't as bad as some people make out.

The directing and camera work are very good and there should be no complaints

The fight scenes are pretty enjoyable and accurate, proper MMA quick and sharp movements.

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