Cricket on the Hearth (1967) 720p YIFY Movie

Cricket on the Hearth (1967)

Cricket on the Hearth is a TV movie starring Danny Thomas, Marlo Thomas, and Hans Conried. A cricket seeks to rescue a poor toymaker and his blind daughter from an exploitative miser.

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  • Run Time: 49
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The Synopsis for Cricket on the Hearth (1967) 720p

A delightful, animated musical version of Charles Dickens' classic tale. A Cricket on the Hearth, tells the story of a poor toymaker and his daughter whom a helpful Cricket named Crocket befriends on Christmas morning. When tragedy strikes the family, it's Crocket who comes to the rescue and restores peace and happiness.

The Director and Players for Cricket on the Hearth (1967) 720p

[Director]Jules Bass
[Role:]Hans Conried
[Role:]Danny Thomas
[Role:]Marlo Thomas
[Role:]Paul Frees

The Reviews for Cricket on the Hearth (1967) 720p

Drink a LOT of eggnog first - and make sure it's the real stuff!Reviewed bymark-571-109642Vote: 1/10

My friend invited me over for an end-of-year Christmas DVD party. We had just finished watching "Frosty, the Snowman" and were about to watch another of the more well-known shows when I noticed the title for this. I talked my friend into at least watching the first few minutes to see what it was like. When we saw the cast, we were suitably impressed and settled in for the duration. After a few minutes, though, our jaws were hitting the floor - we could not BELIEVE how terrible it was! I was rendered speechless for a while. Then, we, like another reviewer, found ourselves laughing ourselves silly at how bad it was. It is truly a train-wreck - so awful you can't look away. You can, however, fast forward through some of the dismal songs. Too bad one can't give it negative stars.

A timeless Christmas tale for the whole family.Reviewed byIndLightBulbFilmVote: 10/10

I watched this the other day and found it to be a great animated film. If you have ever seen it you would know that it was based on the not so well known Charles Dickins novel of the same name. Truly a great film, with great animation for the time when it actually came out. This is a must have for any Christmas fanatic and for any film collector, but be warned, this is very hard to find...on DVD or VHS. I HAVE found this film on DVD and if you want it you better search fast because it is at Papa John's as a promotion for a limited time. They really did a good job on the film for 1967 and it will stay a staple in my traditions for films on Christmas for the rest of my life. A true masterpiece that all need to see.

So bad, it's goodReviewed byMeadmail28Vote: 6/10

Just watched this gem for the first time and understand why it's not aired every year with the likes of Rudolph, Frosty and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Very depressing and a bit disturbing too. This good luck cricket seems to have brought nothing but ill will to the father/daughter it finds. Sudden blindness. Banruptcy. Kidnapping and cold murder. Dirty old man with warts and no teeth. Not the things I really want to share with my kids. Ever. I suppose its OK because both Jesus and the Pope due make an appearance. However, my husband and I were laughing so hard by the end due to it's utter ridiculousness that I think it will be a holiday tradition in our household for years to come. From now on our motto is: cricket on the hearth, take that horseshoe off the door, with a cricket on the hearth, you can leave that lucky penny sitting on the floor. Deep.

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