Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (1955) 1080p YIFY Movie

Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (1955) 1080p

Legends (and myths) from the life of famed American frontiersman Davey Crockett are depicted in this feature film edited from television episodes. Crockett and his friend George Russell ...

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The Synopsis for Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (1955) 1080p

Legends (and myths) from the life of famed American frontiersman Davey Crockett are depicted in this feature film edited from television episodes. Crockett and his friend George Russell fight in the Creek Indian War. Then Crockett is elected to Congress and brings his rough-hewn ways to the House of Representatives. Finally, Crockett and Russell journey to Texas and partake in the last stand at the Alamo.

The Director and Players for Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (1955) 1080p

[Director]Norman Foster
[Role:]Fess Parker
[Role:]Basil Ruysdael
[Role:]Buddy Ebsen

The Reviews for Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (1955) 1080p

Some enjoyable episodes of the Disney TV are blended together , dealing with Crockett life including Indian fights and The AlamoReviewed byma-cortesVote: 7/10

This is a vigorous handsome adventure about a determined and powerful figure in his days as an Indian fighter and his gallant stand in defense of the famous site , El Alamo , being packed with noisy action, thrills , colorful fun , and spectacular as well as tremendous battles .Another Disney splice of three episodes from the popular TV series chronicling the further adventures of our frontier man well played by Fess Paker who dons the regular coonskin cap as a virile Davy . Here Davy Crockett meets adventures along with George Russell, Buddy Ebsen , fighting Indians who are threatening the peace during the bloody Creek Indian War under command of General Andrew Jackson , subsequently US President . Later on , Davy is appointed to Nashville representative and then elected to Congress as a Congressman and he brings his rough-hewn manners to the house of representatives. Finally , Davy and George journey to Texas , Bejar , The Alamo where takes place the last stand , 1836, attacked by the Mexican General Santa Ana . There they encounter the place really besieged and the tough Col. William Travis , Don Megowan, and the ill Col. Jim Bowie , Kenneth Tobey, stricken by fevers .

Here Fess Parker gives a fine acting who became a national figure incarnating the great frontiersman, an intrepid explorer with a welcome wry wit, including legends and myths . The action is swiftly presented , and in comic-book syle .It displays an attractive and sympathetic protagonist duo, Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen. Accompanied by a fine plethora of secondaries as Hans Conried , Kenneth Tobey ,Don Megowan , Nick Cravat and Basil Ruysdael as President Andrew Jackson . Paul Hogan would appear with Fess Parker in the TV series Daniel Boone in 1966 . The nimble and sharp episodes were spliced together, interlaced by wonderful songs and released as a profitable feauture film . Walt Disney shot in color even though few color TV's were being sold, yet . As a result , the 3 episodes could be turned into instant movie by stitching the chapters get together . As it was a compilation of 3 episodes : Crockett Indian fighter, Crockett goes to congress and Davy at the Alamo .This series aired on ABC television Disneyland 1954-55. It is followed by another compilation , a new blending that created the sequel " Davy Crocket and the river pirates" 1955 by Norman Foster with similar artistic and technical .And there is anotje cinematic rendition about this historical role " Davy Crockett Indian scout" 1950 by Lew Landers with George Montgomery , Ellen Drew , Noah Beery

The film has a marvelous musical score by George Bruns , singer Bill Hayes had a top hit 1955 billboard with the song Ballad of Davy Crockett with music by Bruns and lyrics by Thomas Blackburn . And a brilliant and glimmer cinematography by Charles F Boyle .The movie was well directed by Norman Foster who made some good Westerns as TV as Cinema , such as " Crazy Horse and Custer the untold story , Tombstone territory , The legend of Custer , Bat Masterson , Navajo , Viva Cisco Kid , The sign of Zorro , Rachel and the stranger". Rating: 7. A catching and really enjoyable family adventure , essential and indispensable watching, the film helped spread Davymania among the kiddies of the fiftiies .

Davy Crocett living on the clean frontierReviewed byfomlife777Vote: 7/10

I would rather be beaten and be a man than to be elected and be a little puppy dog. I have always supported measures and principles and not men. I have acted fearless and independent and I never will regret my course. I would rather be politically buried than to be hypocritically immortalized.

In a letter following his defeat in the 1830 elections, as quoted in David Crockett: The Man and the Legend (1994) by James Atkins Shackford, p. 133

Made in the Studios at Disney, Wowed the Audience in the 50's. Showed in the Cinemas, Showed on TV It's just as fun watching it on DVD Davy, Davy Crockett, Having fun on the clean frontier.

In watching 'The Far Pavilions' ( a film chronicling the journey of Lewis and Clark with the Absent Minded Professor and Moses )with my mother , she noted that everything looked so clean. The pioneers were clean, the Indians were clean and even the trees were clean. Film makers of the 50's researched and portrayed very accurately how clean the frontier really was. There was some supper strength cleaner they brought with them that eliminated all dirt and grim. I believe it was called a production assistant.

The same research was used and portrayed in Davy Crocket. At some point in my life I saw 'Davy Crocket: King of the Wild Fronteer'. The only scene I remembered was Davy letting his best buddy George Russel kiss his beautiful wife, just because he saved his life. I don't know any friend of mine who would let me kiss their beautiful wife.

The film may not be historically accurate or maybe it is. It is however a film full of fun and high adventure. Davy is a likable fella. Someone you would have a beer with if he drank beer. He is funny, smart, adventures, humble; bear wrestler, has a cool coon cap, a good congressman (seriously) and a good Christian. The film is a tad bit choppy in parts due to the film being put together from 3 episodes of the Disney TV series. The action is very Disney Esq, for the audience of the time period but still dishes that adventure out rousingly.

The other cool thing is that instead of straight narration, a group of singers sings the glories of Davy Crockett as a map is shown of his travels. Indiana Jones may have a cool orchestra theme, but doesn't have a Ballad about his exploits with his name. Take that Dr. Jones. Davy Crockett deserves a place among the other movies in your book shelf. It's fun and gives you a brief glimpse into an American legend. It also reminds you how dirty the world has gotten since the 1800's.

Pop, pop, pop! Bom, bom, bom! throughout the day. No time for memorandums now. Go ahead! Liberty and Independence forever. Last entry in his diary, (5 March 1836)

Review of Davy Crockett King of the Wild FrontierReviewed byHoward-504-68228Vote: 7/10

I saw this film when I was a lad and along with the coonskin cap it was so coolfor a young boy of the mid fifties. The Film was and remains funny, full of action, with great scenery and a good musical score with of course the great catchy Title song which was a big pop hit. Although the acting was at times not great Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsenm were great together and it remains my favourite all time film despite all the movies since then to 2012. My children have watched it with me several times and enjoyed it while commenting at the acting such as much delayed Indians falling down when shot. But hey it was fun, it was entertainment and I think was and is just great!

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