Double Trouble (1992) 720p YIFY Movie

Double Trouble (1992)

Muscle-bound twins try to smash a jewel smuggling ring.

IMDB: 40 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Comedy
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  • Size: 797.92M
  • Resolution: 1280*700 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English 2.0  
  • Run Time: 86
  • IMDB Rating: 4/10 
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The Synopsis for Double Trouble (1992) 720p

Muscle-bound twins try to smash a jewel smuggling ring.

The Director and Players for Double Trouble (1992) 720p

[Role:Director]John Paragon
[Role:]Peter Paul
[Role:]David Paul
[Role:]Roddy McDowall
[Role:]David Carradine

The Reviews for Double Trouble (1992) 720p

Two starsReviewed byjellopukeVote: 2/10

Yes, painfully unfunny except for maybe two chuckles, this twin brother "comedy" limps along from one bad set up to the next and even a cameo from a bored David Carradine can't save it. Ugh, two meat heads who were just bad on screen and looked so bloated from steroids that they were going to burst.

What were they thinking?Reviewed bySortyxtVote: 7/10

Double Trouble might be the worst movie ever made. Double Troubles stars two washed up body builders. One is a cop the other is a criminal. Neither of them can act. The plot is a typical stupid "must beat the bad guy" plot. This movie is terrible. Avoid it at all costs.

Please sir, can I have another?Reviewed byJudge_SmailsVote: 10/10

Only once in a lifetime does a movie come along that not only defines a generation but challenges the artistic community to match its awesomeness.

Double Trouble is that movie.

So corny and cheesy that it could feed a starving nation, more mullets than a Billy Ray Cyrus tribute night, a soundtrack swiped from a 70s porno, and acting so good that the only reason that the one of the Barbarians brothers didn't win an Oscar was because they were so inseparably brilliant that it would have been a crime to award it to only one of them.

Can anyone watch this film and see the brothers run (run brothers, run) without wondering if buffalo have become bipeds? Laugh? Though I'd never stop.

This movie was truly mega-awesome but as I watched, cramped in belly splitting convulsions, I felt that there was something missing, some icon that would confirm to me that I was experiencing cinematic nirvana... and then there he was... David Carradine. Enough said.

10 Dolph Lundgrens

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