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First Position (2011)

A documentary that follows six young dancers from around the world as they prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious ballet competitions in the world.

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The Synopsis for First Position (2011) 720p

First Position follows six talented young dancers (ages 9-19) from five continents as they prepare for a worldwide ballet competition that could transform their lives overnight.

The Director and Players for First Position (2011) 720p

[Director]Bess Kargman
[Role:]Joan Sebastian Zamora
[Role:]Rebecca Houseknecht
[Role:]Aran Bell

The Reviews for First Position (2011) 720p

Reviewed byKicinoVote: 8/10/10

A nicely crafted documentary about six youngsters working extremelyhard for the highly competitive Young American Grand Prix (YAGP) forballet dancers aged 9-19. These focused kids are among 300 finalistschosen from 1,500 contestants from all over the world. Winners of thegrand prix will receive prizes, elite dance company contracts orscholarships at top ballet schools. The film traces their hardworkingdaily training routine, setbacks and their hopes. We also catch aglimpse of their family life while these aspiring young men and womentalk about their dreams and passion.

It is an excellent production which captures the drive and aspirationsof these young people from various background – and the care of theirparents, whether they are mixed couple, foster parents, in the militaryor ordinary Americans. What we see is not only the kid's passion, butalso how their parents bend backwards and revolve their lives aroundtheir children's talents and interest.

It goes so far that a company has to move and school has to give way tohome schooling so that the kids can have more time to dance. So a two-hour each way commune is nothing. Equally admirable and impressive isthe trust, confidence and pride of the parents, not to mention theirinvaluable support. Some of these parents are dancers or musicians butwhatever their experience is, they have enormous trust/belief in theirkids and wholeheartedly support their children.

However, there is a fine line between them and the helicopter ormonster parents who impose on their kids in the name of "for the sakeof their own good." I have heard that some kids in Hong Kong are forcedto learn the piano since they were young and incidents are: once thekids pass all the grade exams they never touch the piano again.

But what we see in the movie is that all the six characters havedeveloped a genuine love and interest for ballet from within. Despitetheir young age and development stage, in order to strive forexcellence in ballet, they are willing to give up a big part of theirpersonal life including separating from the family, going out withfriends, eating anything they want, suffer and endure various injuriesetc. Their parents are just behind them.

The coaches are interesting characters too – or the director just chosethe more lively coaches and to film. We can see that these coaches arealso human – they can be strict and mean but they are well-liked andrespected - whether they are French or Colombian or Russian orAmerican.

The editing and directing is excellent with witty and funny dialoguesor facial expressions (and they are all real!) intersperse betweenintense and competitive scenes. It slowly set the stage for the nervebreaking YAGP and by then we are almost part of the family of theyoungsters and really hope their efforts pay off.

Like their parents and coaches, I also held my breath as the kidsperformed in their 5 minute appearance on stage for the Grand Prix.Competition is tough, but we can see the kid's determination, maturityand intense focus. The endurance and passion is so strong that it wouldovershadow the physical pain! Success does not come from luck. We alsosee support, respect and recognition of their potentials pay a veryimportant role in shaping these youngsters' lives.

We witness that when you are doing something you love, even the painwill be gone and you will go on. This resilience combined with theirtalent speak loud and clear why they are ahead of other dancers despitetheir huge prices to pay.

An excellent documentary for parents, students, teachers, coaches andanyone interested in ballet/music/sports and nurturing our nextgeneration. Highly recommended.

I don't like ballet....yet I liked this film!Reviewed byMartinHaferVote: 9/10

"First Position" is an incredibly interesting documentary. I say this because I hate ballet...yet I found myself seriously drawn into the lives of these kids. It must be good if it could win me over, that's for sure.

This film is about a group of kids who are trying to make it in ballet field. They range in age from 8 to 17 and are from various countries--including the US, Columbia and Israel. And, through the course of the film, you see them in various international competitions--trying to win awards, scholarships and, perhaps, jobs.

While none of this on the surface sounds that interesting, the film has several things going for it. First, many of the kids are incredibly likable and are amazing to watch. The most amazing of these is the insanely talented 11 year-old boy who is just gorgeous to watch as he dances (it looked so easy and his joy as he danced was infectious). Second, a few of the stories pulled me in and got me excited--such as the girl originally from Sierra Leone and the SUPER-annoying mother who pushed her boy to dance even though he clearly was not interested. Third, the film lacks narration and just lets the folks talk--and most of the best documentaries do this. Fourth, and this one surprised me, I found myself REALLY, REALLY caring about the kids. As the final competition progressed, I was on the edge of my seat. Well worth seeing.

Reviewed byTinyDanseur27Vote: 8/10/10

First Position was a brilliant documentary in my opinion! It gives theaudience an intimate look at the lives of seven dancers ages 9-17 whoare preparing for the Youth America Grand Prix international balletcompetition. They each are hoping to receive a scholarship to study ata world-renown ballet institution, or a job offer so that they canachieve their dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Thedocumentary addresses the lifestyles of these children, theirperformances at the Grand Prix semi-finals, and eventually the finalsin New York City.

I felt like this gave a really interesting and accurate depiction ofthe lives of these young dancers. The kids they picked to interviewwere very diverse and likable. I found myself routing for all of them.Also important, the documentary addressed how this career path hasaffected the lives of the parents of the children. The parents varyfrom loving and supportive to completely overbearing. I enjoyed thevariety of approaches to the same goal.

I really would recommend this documentary. The subject is reallyinteresting. The way it is filmed and edited is ideal (not too fast,not too slow) and the dancing is absolutely breath-taking. I felt veryinformed and very inspired after watching First Position.

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