Honor Among Thieves (2021) 1080p YIFY Movie

Honor Among Thieves (2021) 1080p

After being injured at war, a civil war veteran returns home to Texas to find he's now enlisted in a new battle; one for his life.

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The Synopsis for Honor Among Thieves (2021) 1080p

The Director and Players for Honor Among Thieves (2021) 1080p

[Director]Brett Bentman
[Role:]Elizabeth Tabish
[Role:]Robert Keith
[Role:]Thom Hallum

The Reviews for Honor Among Thieves (2021) 1080p

Unfortunately, no budgetReviewed bysupermellowcaliVote: 2/10

It seems possible that this story could have worked with good actors (the villain was particularly bad), but there were also serious flaws in the directing as well, making the story seem as unbelievable as it was boring.

Really Fun Modern WesternReviewed bymilligancharmVote: 9/10

Lots to enjoy in this flick. Well directed, well acted and just an all around good story. Unfortunate cover art, because it looks like Luis Guzman, so I almost passed this up several times thinking it was a comedy (no offense to Luis Guzman, he's hilarious but I don't like Western comedies). Glad I took a stab and picked it up. Surprisingly good and very entertaining with a protagonist you can cheer for.

A very bland Western...Reviewed bypaul_haakonsenVote: 3/10

Normally I am not one that is particularly keen on Western movies, as it tends to be far in between good ones that manage to entertain me. But as luck would have it, I had the opportunity to sit down and watch the 2021 movie "Honor Among Thieves", so I did.

Now, I wasn't really harboring much of any expectations to writer Jason Watson and director Brett Bentman's movie, as I had never heard about it prior to getting sit down to watch it. But hey, at least the writer and director had every opportunity to win me over here.

Turns out that "Honor Among Thieves" was just a generic Western movie. While the intentions might have been the driving force behind the movie, the end result was a subpar experience. The storyline was just a bit too bland for me, and it didn't really have much of any excitement or enjoyment to it. And the character gallery in the movie was about as interesting as tumbleweed bouncing by in the wind.

Sure, they had managed to get a believable enough atmosphere to the movie, but the lack of an interesting storyline just made the movie feel prolonged and it was an ordeal to sit through it to the end.

The acting in the movie was fairly wooden and rigid, lacking proper commitment most of the times. So it never really felt natural as the actors and actresses trotted along throughout a bland and generic script and dialogue.

The 2021 movie "Honor Among Thieves" is a movie that came and went without any lasting impression or anything. This movie was highly forgettable as it was so incredibly mundane.

My rating of "Honor Among Thieves" lands on a three out of ten stars.

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