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The Synopsis for I'm Still Here (2010) 1080p

In 2008 while rehearsing for a charity event, actor Joaquin Phoenix, with Casey Affleck's camera watching, tells people he's quitting to pursue a career in rap music. Over the next year, we watch the actor write, rehearse, and perform to an audience. He importunes Sean Combs in hopes he'll produce the record. We see the actor in his home: he parties, smokes, bawls out his two-man entourage, talks philosophy with Affleck, and comments on celebrity.

The Director and Players for I'm Still Here (2010) 1080p

[Role:]Carey Perloff
[Role:]Antony Langdon
[Role:Director]Casey Affleck
[Role:]Joaquin Phoenix

The Reviews for I'm Still Here (2010) 1080p

Reviewed byMuttinesVote: 10/10/10

Under normal circumstances, I might have given this title a slightlylower rating, but the criminally low scores given by some reviewersdemanded a strong counterpoint.

This was an immensely intelligent and relevant film to come out ofHollywood, made by actors, celebrities in their own right, who areclearly sickened by the solipsistic egoism of the entertainmentindustry and its undeserved position of prominence in American culture.

The grotesque character Phoenix and Affleck bring to the screen,perhaps crystallized best in an instance where the former physicallyattacks a heckler during a performance and subsequently voids hisstomach after all the exertion, instantly - and irrevocably - shattersthe glamorous veneer that surrounds the category of 'the celebrity'.This, I suspect and fear, may be one of the reasons why some of thereviewers in these pages had an aversion to the film.

As a Brit, I've been brought up on slightly surreal, and often fairly,dark humour - a la Chris Morris's 'Jam' and 'Brass Eye'. But thisreally pushed things further, and I felt myself challenged as a viewer,which is always a good thing in my book.

My advice would be to watch this film and make up your own mind.Perhaps the best way to recommend this feature is to mention the factthat, almost 12 hours after having seen it, I still feel a warm senseof edification, a feeling that is rarely induced by watching movies(I'm more of a reader).

A timely satire that bursts the celebrity bubble.

Real or not, it's an engaging roller coaster ride.Reviewed byAnthony Pittore III (Shattered_Wake)Vote: 7/10

Just two years after receiving an Oscar nomination for his powerhouse performance as Johnny Cash in 'Walk the Line,' actor Joaquin Phoenix shocked show business by announcing his retirement from acting to pursue a career as a hip hop musician. 'I'm Still Here,' directed by Phoenix's brother-in-law and fellow actor Casey Affleck, tells the story of the star's life change. Supposedly.

After Joaquin Phoenix's apparent mental breakdown which came in the form of a legendary David Letterman appearance and a beard to rival that of Zack Galifianakis, many people in & out of the film industry fought to uncover the validity of Joaquin's retirement. Shortly after the release of the 'I'm Still Here,' questions were answered when Phoenix & Affleck admitted their worldwide prank saying that, from the beginning, it was all a hoax. If this admission is true, this film will become one of the most believable & ridiculous hoaxes in a long, long time.

Regardless of whether 'I'm Still Here' is actually a hoax (or if the hoax is a hoax, attempting to cover up the breakdown of Phoenix), it is still quite an entertaining film. However, due to the seemingly obscene subject matter throughout the film, it's hard to truly believe that any famous person would allow it to be shown publicly, risking a hugely negative backlash. We see Joaquin snorting coke (off hookers' breasts at one point), spanking naked men with towels, ordering female escorts, and other low-grade behaviour. If all of this actually DID happen without elaborate staging, then I send full respect to Mr. Phoenix for having the courage to allow it to be shown on screen like this.

One issue that the film does have comes from the overall style. While the story, content, etc., are all exceedingly engaging, the actual visuals of the film were almost unbearable. In a low-budget documentary like, say, the recent 'Catfish,' amateurish cinematography & direction are almost expected. However, when a documentary is being produced by two successful actors and is directed by someone who has been working on film sets for twenty years, this bottom-level style just does not work when the validity of the film's content are already in question.

Overall, however, the film does work well as a whole. Joaquin Phoenix, whether he's playing himself or the insane version of himself, is impossible to not watch, even with his constant arrogant and selfish behaviour throughout. If you watch along believing it just might be real, it will be an emotional roller coaster ride. Even if it is all a hoax, though, it's still one hell of a crazy ride.

Final Verdict: 7.5/10.


An almost brilliant satire film.Reviewed byBenjamin BanksVote: 8/10

I watched I'm Still Here last night. I think, on many levels, it is an almost brilliant satire film of the culture of celebrity, the gluttony of media, entitlement, idolatry, and social behavior. How quickly people celebrate the demise of someone; how they revel in the mental breakdown of someone especially when they don't understand what's happening. It shows how enamored people are with 'stars' and how even if treated harshly, or if something doesn't cut the mustard in their eyes, they are afraid of calling bullshit because they are 'programmed' to accept mediocrity in most things. There are a few missing components in this equation. Either through the fault of Casey or the people who interviewed JP, there was no mention or inquiry as to the music. Not one 'journalist' said, "Hey, this is a remarkable transition. We had no idea nor saw anything that hinted at your love of hip hop; give us an example.' Just as Eminem (and many others) freestyle'd in The Art of Rap on the drop of a dime, JP should have at least prepared something that would have made this even more convincing (even though it was a ploy!) The fact no one asked to see the goods was glaringly missing. Case in point. When Michael Jordan announced he was dropping basketball to play baseball, at least he showed everyone his 'game' to the media. Though that was for real, it also made it more plausible. I feel Casey missed an opportunity to really sell this and thus make it even more compelling. But I did enjoy this film! Kudos to JP for pulling this off. Maybe his best work other than The Master. And I think Casey Affleck has a wicked sense of humor in making this.

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