Martial Law (1991) 1080p YIFY Movie

Martial Law (1991) 1080p

An undercover cop teams up with a martial-arts expert to stop a gang of drug smugglers and car thieves.

IMDB: 4.33 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Crime
  • Quality: 1080p
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  • Resolution: 1920x1080 / 23.976 (23976/1000) FPSfps
  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 89
  • IMDB Rating: 4.3/10 
  • MPR: Normal
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The Synopsis for Martial Law (1991) 1080p

When it comes to maximum law enforcement, only police officers Sean Thompson and Billie Blake can deliver the power of justice...with their bare hands. They're a part of the L.A.P.D.'s new program called 'Martial Law', a police force that uses full-contact martial arts to subdue criminals in situations where guns are a no-go. But now Sean and Billie's talents in karate as well as their knowledge on the criminal underworld will be put to the test when they find themselves on a collision course with Dalton Rhodes, a criminal mastermind who runs a cartel-for-hire business, using his dojo as a front for his illegal activities and recruiting new talent. In addition to being a career criminal, Rhodes is also a master at rare forms of kung fu and the last practitioner of the deadly 'dim-mak' (death touch) technique. When Sean's troublesome baby brother Michael falls in with Rhodes' crowd and becomes a victim of their murderous exploits, the police duo will be forced to take the law into ...

The Director and Players for Martial Law (1991) 1080p

[Director]Steve Cohen
[Role:]Cynthia Rothrock
[Role:]Chad McQueen
[Role:]David Carradine

The Reviews for Martial Law (1991) 1080p

Bog standard actionerReviewed byLeofwine_dracaVote: 4/10

In terms of early '90s martial arts vehicles for Cynthia Rothrock, I really enjoyed CHINA O'BRIEN and its sequel, which were thoroughly entertaining and full of slick action. This film, not so much. It's saddled with the chubby and decidedly uncharismatic Chad McQueen as the lead, and the storyline and action just aren't interesting enough to get excited about.

The plot sees McQueen and Rothrock going up against a minor crime lord, played with overacting relish by David Carradine. Philip Tan is the Cockney-speaking henchman, and there's a hell of a lot of scenes of Rothrock kicking various goons in the head, but it's all underwhelmingly shot with below par choreography. I suppose if you're in a deeply forgiving mood then this sort of thing might just about pass muster, but it's not my cup of tea at all.

Mediocre overallReviewed bygridoonVote: 5/10

Although her role is actually secondary to Chad McQueen's (who is an OK action lead), Cynthia Rothrock is at her near-best in "Martial Law", both looks-wise and fighting-wise. She even goes 1-on-1 against Benny "The Jet" Urquidez at one point, though her highlight is probably when she delivers 6 or 7 rapid kicks in a row to a guy's head! But the script & direction are perfunctory, the "family drama" stuff is so lame and tiresome that it should have been left out altogether, and David Carradine is a weak, boring villain. If you find yourself watching this movie, my advice is to fast-forward through ALL of the dialogue scenes and focus only on the fight scenes - you won't be missing a thing, and you will be getting the maximum value for your money. (**)

Slop socky...Reviewed byFrank MarklandVote: 7/10

Chad McQueen and Cynthia Rothrock star as two martial artist cops who take on a Mr. Big (The always lovable David Carradine) who is also responsible for the senseless murder of McQueen's admittedly not too bright brother, much action ensues as David Carradine manages to convince despite being too old to do martial arts. That is something that you don't want to dismiss, David Carradine has always been a slower martial artist, despite being quite precise and stylish. Carradine has always been more of a self defense styled martial artist so seeing him play a martial arts bad ass is somewhat hilarious due to the fact that Carradine somehow manages to still upstage (Despite being 54) his hopelessly slow co-star Chad McQueen. Worst of all is that while Rothrock is easy on the eyes, her roll in the sack with McQueen provides the viewer with some of the most awkward sex scenes ever. It is mainly David Carradine who steals what little show there is here.

* * out of 4-(Fair)

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