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Mickey One (1965)

A comic steals the identity of a homeless man and goes on the run after the mob tries to kill him for an unknown reason.

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The Synopsis for Mickey One (1965) 720p

After incurring the wrath of the mob, a comic flees Detroit for Chicago taking the name "Mickey One" from a stolen Social Security card from a homeless bum he witnesses being beaten up and robbed. As he returns to the stage and becomes successful, he fears that the mob will track him down. He wishes to square himself with the mob, but doesn't know what he did to anger them or what his debt is.

The Director and Players for Mickey One (1965) 720p

[Director]Warren Beatty
[Director]Arthur Penn
[Role:]Franchot Tone
[Role:]Hurd Hatfield
[Role:]Alexandra Stewart

The Reviews for Mickey One (1965) 720p

Surrealistic psychedelia before hippiedomReviewed bymdeweyVote: 7/10

Took a couple of viewings to feel comfortable about this mid 60's predecessor to the days ahead of psychedelic imagery. But alas, it finally sunk in. Penn & Co. used a ton of artistic metaphors and graphic symbolism to buttress this supposedly straightforward plot theme. Basically, it's about a paranoid comedian (Beatty) on the run from the mob in Detroit who ends up several stops later in the heart of Chi-town. Probably the accent is on paranoid rather than comedian because he's not terribly funny, especially by today's standards. Regardless, he goes to a few bars to check out other comics and the bug bites him again and he is subsequently coaxed into doing his stand-up routine again. Beatty's erratic, hyped-up demeanor grated on me from time to time, but I have to assume that Mr. Penn had intended his lead character to exhibit these manic symptoms to blend in with the madcap sequences of events that were taking place during the course of the film.

But his journey is fraught with fear of getting discovered by the mob boys. When he first arrives in Chicago, he wanders into a scrap yard where heavy machinery smash up and compact old autos, apparently a metaphor by Penn to parallel Beatty's fear of getting smashed up and compacted by the mob! He then wanders into a salvation type mission where he encounters a stuttering evangelist who quotes Scripture, sounding like a vocal fusion of Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd. This minute or so sequence is far funnier than Beatty's "Mort Sahl-ish" dry-witted one-liners.

He meets up with a loving and sympathetic female (A. Stewart) who tries her best to keep him from teetering into the brink. On one of their walks through the city, they encounter a "mute" madcap character (K.Fujiwara) who has put together a surrealistic concoction of a Spike Jones type amalgamation of horns, pianos, drums noises, et al. It eventually blows up on him, whereupon the Fire Dept. comes to extinguish the resulting conflagration. All his work seems lost at that point except for one small gadget which still manages to work. The "mute" is delighted in saving that last gadget and is applauded by Beatty and his girl. I interpreted that to be a metaphor for Beatty's condition and how he should react to it: Whatever can happen will happen and not to worry because you never know what the end result may be, especially if you keep plugging away! Beatty then tries to find the mob guys who want him, gets his butt whooped in the process, and then finally goes on stage, bandages and all, and basically says, "I ain't scared any more, so if you want me here I am!", the final redemptive moment in the film. The ensuing fadeout is appropriately poignant.

To omit praising the likes of Hurd Hatfield, Jeff Corey, Franchot Tone, Teddy Hart, and the aforementioned Alexandra Stewart would be remiss. Their contributions were very interesting, at minimum. However, the main kudos go to Beatty, Penn and, last but not least, to Stan Getz for his masterful tenor sax interpretations. Someone needs to DVD (new verb?) this important period piece. Should be required viewing for young film makers, even if they don't like the movie!

Feverishly surreal movie suspends disbelief on derricksReviewed byoOgiandujaOo_and_Eddy_MerckxVote: 10/10

There's a scene in the movie Cool Hand Luke, where Paul Newman's Luke busts fifty eggs down himself as a challenge, to the rapture of his fellow prisoners. He then wails at them, "Stop feedin' off me!". Comic Mickey One has an aversion to being fed off and pushes people away, including attractive women, escaping from their grasp as he were covered in oil.

He goes on the lam from the club he works at, either because he's on the hook to the mafia or because his paranoias slither up the bed each night. Be it flight or fugue it leads to Chicago's skid row.

Will a hot-pants lady interest lead him towards facing his fears? This is a challenging film and I felt annoyed enough at the half way point to consider turning off, perhaps because of a total lack of likable characters, and Warren Beatty being as awkward as Dürer's Solid. The film plays a lot better on a second viewing and you see all sorts of oddities, just as an example that among Ruby's news cut-outs on his pin board, is simply the, "The Detroit News" header with no news story attached. There are two scenes in the movie that absolutely behove anyone to give the movie a second go, a kinetic sculpture called "yes", which comes about as close to encapsulating American bull-brained optimism as anything I've seen. Then a simply awesome hallucination during a sex scene of people trampolining.

It's a movie that you could interpret in many ways, it definitely works as a psychological piece getting inside the mind of a comic, but there's also lots of commentary about society and religion. Even if you couldn't care less about subtext Ghislain Cloquet is on the ball with the photography, in Maradonna élan.

I attended an "alternative" stand-up session not too long ago by an American comic who drank a tall glass of neat vodka during his performance and was crooning for more from a more resolute offstage colleague. He talked about how sex was very important to him, because he had so many issues plaguing him, and during sex he entered into an eclipsed zone for the duration. The trampolining scene is the perfect expression of this for me.

Highly recommended.

Underground WorldReviewed byBenedito Dias RodriguesVote: 7/10

Surfing in wave of french Nouvelle vague Arthur Penn made one's most intriguing movie on the 60' and the second movie of new star Warren Beatty who wants to do a right move in the beginning of your career,but this independent movie didn't have any impact in that time taking years to became a cult status...even today isn't for all taste,telling story of young guy who is a comic stand up and after make some excesses is running from the mob...end up in Chicago living on underground and a paranoid life...a mix of styles given to this picture some weirdo reading....ain't conventional movie!!!

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