My Name Is Pecos (1966) 720p YIFY Movie

My Name Is Pecos (1966)

A Mexican pistolero exacts revenge on the man responsible for the murder of his family, who has taken over his hometown in an effort to recover money that was stolen during a recent robbery.

IMDB: 6.10 Likes

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  • Language: Italian  
  • Run Time: 84
  • IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 
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The Synopsis for My Name Is Pecos (1966) 720p

The Director and Players for My Name Is Pecos (1966) 720p

[Director]Maurizio Lucidi
[Role:]Lucia Modugno
[Role:]Pier Paolo Capponi
[Role:]Robert Woods

The Reviews for My Name Is Pecos (1966) 720p

Outstanding, unique western with unique hero and crookReviewed bykarlericssonVote: 10/10

In Fargo we saw an extremely laid-back crook in the car-salesman. The bureaucrat-crook one might say. In this film he has his western counter-part. Never seen this actor in anything else, which is quite unique by its own. Pecos himself is some sort of mexican. They changed his eyes for the role, similarly as they did to Sean Connery for 'You Only Live Twice'. The follow-up to this was quite good as well, but this one is special. Many unique gags and a hero who jumps up on his horse from the back. Those who hear him say 'My Name is Pecos' in the beginning of the film are already dead, when trying to shoot him in the back. Some gags were stolen from this film for 'Trinity', who was a much less interesting hero. A 10 out of 10.

Decent and entertaining Spaghetti Western with action , bizarre villains and crossfireReviewed byma-cortesVote: 6/10

Acceptable Spaghetti about usual theme : a mercilees vengeance . It deals with a Mexican Man, Robert Woods , he often answers My name is Pecos . The tough Pecos takes on a nasty gand led by villainous Klane : Pier Paolo Capponi , the latter is looking for a lot of of money from a robbery and along the way he is terrorizing the local population.

Run-of-the-mill Pasta with thrills , betrayals , violence and lots of shootouts. Stars the ordinary Spaghetti antihero Robert Woods who performed several Westerns . This movie along with its sequel made RobertWoods as Pecos , internationally famous in the third World countries, similar to Franco Nero as Django, Gianni Garco as Sartana and Lee Van Cleef as Sabata . Adding other important success in his long career in Spaghetti Western as Seven Guns for the MacGregors , Black Jack, The Challenged McKenna , El Puro, Machine Gun Killers . There are various peculiar roles as a suspect undertaker : Umberto Raho, a coward saloon keeper and the extremely nasty bandit : Pier Paolo Capponi , alongside his band perfomed by a number of familiar faces as George Eastman , Peter Carsten , Massimo Righi , Peter Martel , Sal Borgese , among others .

It contains an attractive musical score in Morricone style by Coroliano Gori , including catching songs . As well as adequate cinematography by Franco Villa , showing rocky outdoors from Lacio , Rome , Italy . The picture was professionally directed by Maurizio Lucidi who also made the sequel : Pecos Clean Up 1967 also starred by Robert Woods , both of them were two big boxffice hits in Italy and other European countries . Lucidi was a good artisan who made all kinds of genres . As he directed Peplum : Hercules the avenger , Thrillers : The Man from organization , The Designated Victim , Probabilita Zero and Westerns as My name is Pecos , Pecos Clean Up, Halleluja for Django , Saddle tramps . Rating : 6/10 . The flick will appeal to Spaghetti aficionados .

Tepid, We've Been Down This Dusty Road BeforeReviewed byFightingWesternerVote: 7/10

Mexican drifter Robert Woods returns to his hometown to find trouble in the form of a vicious group of cutthroats who have taken it for their own, a gang that Woods seems to have taken a real disliking to, or perhaps he's encountered before.

There's very little story here, just mainly a series of violent and not very imaginative encounters between Woods and the nasty, racist gang of killers, or the killers and various townspeople.

Though somewhat interesting in the lead role, Woods is pretty wooden. It's not really his fault though. His character is as cardboard as any I've seen playing the main protagonist in a spaghetti western. It's hard to believe this was popular enough to spawn a sequel.

The theme song is pretty nifty though

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