Strategic Air Command (1955) 1080p YIFY Movie

Strategic Air Command (1955) 1080p

An ex-pilot and current baseballer is recalled into the U.S. Air Force and assumes an increasingly important role in Cold War deterrence.

IMDB: 6.46 Likes

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The Synopsis for Strategic Air Command (1955) 1080p

Lt. Col. Robert (Dutch) Holland was a third baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, not a pitcher. While at spring training a B-36 flew over the field and Dutch was standing on third base. Brewster was his third base replacement when he, Dutch was re-called to duty. The movie clearly depicts this.

The Director and Players for Strategic Air Command (1955) 1080p

[Director]Anthony Mann
[Role:]James Stewart
[Role:]Frank Lovejoy
[Role:]June Allyson

The Reviews for Strategic Air Command (1955) 1080p

Reviewed byjwrowe3Vote: /10

Without sounding like some "tech-head" and quoting all sorts of technicaljargon, I've just got to say, that one of the main reasons for enjoyingthisCold War pic is the sheer visual impact. The flight sequence where Dutchissent out in a Peacemaker is incredible. The color, clouds, and air-to-airphotography is stunning. My one thought through the movie was, "What ashamethe Steady-cam wasn't around."

One of the classic film cable channels has been showing what appears to beawell restored print, and I wonder if a DVD version will be avaliable, atsome date.

And, if you are a plane fan, seeing a B-36 in motion is impressive, too.It's something to see a flight deck that has no computer, digital display,ot high tech flight control. Dials! Propellers! Incredible!

And yes, being a car fan, too, I got a big charge out of thispicture.

This is a great rainy/snowy/stay inside Sunday afternoon movie. Grab adrink, pop some popcorn, turn off the current world, and set "The Way-BackMachine" to the early 50's when the BAD GUY was a Bear, and the world was asafer place.

Strategic Air Command (1955)Reviewed byjames higginsVote: 7/10

68/100. Not one of Jimmy Stewart's best films, but not fault of his. He is terrific. June Allyson, I don't know what exactly it is I don't like about her. I feel her performances are so rehearsed and phony. She is way too sappy and understanding in this film and I feel she hurts the films overall effect. Some excellent aerial photography, good score and the entire production is top notch. It waves the flag a little excessively and the mix of personal drama and action sequences is at times a little awkward. The supporting cast is a bit bland, Harry Morgan and Rosemary deCamp stand out as the best. Good special effects. The color in the film was exceptionally crisp.

One of General Stuarts Best!Reviewed byfarmermVote: 10/10

For those of us that lived the Air Force SAC lifestyle Strategic Air Command is exactly how it was. There were no cheap thrills. It was a tough, long hours, world wide, land at the same base, and pull alert away from your family every 3 weeks lifestyle. Jimmy Stuart did an excellent job telling it like it was. If you want cheap Hollywood thrills its not the movie for you but if you like history and want to see truth and reality on the Big Screen this movie is it.

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