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Strategic Air Command (1955)

An ex-pilot and current baseballer is recalled into the U.S. Air Force and assumes an increasingly important role in Cold War deterrence.

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The Synopsis for Strategic Air Command (1955) 720p

Lt. Col. Robert (Dutch) Holland was a third baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, not a pitcher. While at spring training a B-36 flew over the field and Dutch was standing on third base. Brewster was his third base replacement when he, Dutch was re-called to duty. The movie clearly depicts this.

The Director and Players for Strategic Air Command (1955) 720p

[Director]Anthony Mann
[Role:]James Stewart
[Role:]Frank Lovejoy
[Role:]June Allyson

The Reviews for Strategic Air Command (1955) 720p

Strategic Air CommandReviewed bytsgtretVote: 10/10

As a retired Air Force member and having been in SAC several times allows me to appreciate the attention to detail of this movie in spite of the "Hollywooding" of some aspects. In particular the character of General Hawkes is remarkably similar to certain "real world" leaders of SAC (LeMay?). All in all its an outstanding look at the Air Force of the early fifties with an additional bonus of viewing the "real" buildings and equipment of the era (sadly lacking in newer offerings) and seeing some now-museum-piece aircraft on the ground and in flight. Of particular note to aircraft buffs is the shot of a B-45 in the back ground during the landing of the "civilian" DC-3. Detractors of this movie have obviously never served and don't understand..... Outstanding period piece.

Strategic Air Command (1955)Reviewed byjames higginsVote: 7/10

68/100. Not one of Jimmy Stewart's best films, but not fault of his. He is terrific. June Allyson, I don't know what exactly it is I don't like about her. I feel her performances are so rehearsed and phony. She is way too sappy and understanding in this film and I feel she hurts the films overall effect. Some excellent aerial photography, good score and the entire production is top notch. It waves the flag a little excessively and the mix of personal drama and action sequences is at times a little awkward. The supporting cast is a bit bland, Harry Morgan and Rosemary deCamp stand out as the best. Good special effects. The color in the film was exceptionally crisp.

Chocs Away-In With The B Bombers.Reviewed byhitchcockthelegendVote: 7/10

Strategic Air Command is directed by Anthony Mann and written by Valentine Davies and Beirne Lay. It stars James Stewart, June Allyson, Frank Lovejoy, Bruce Bennett and Barry Sullivan. Music is by Victor Young and cinematography by William H. Daniels.

Film is inspired in part by the true story of baseball great Ted Williams, who after serving in World War II was drafted to serve in the Korean War just as his baseball career was taking off.

There's sometimes a film you watch that you desperately want to be good because you can't imagine having to pan it. This becomes even more irksome when it's directed by and stars personal favourites. Sadly I find myself in that irksome frame of mind where Strategic Air Command is concerned, for in spite of the quality of Mann and Stewart, and some truly special "up in the air" sequences, picture is a bore.

The flag waving and thematics involved are fine, these people deserve recognition, and it's great to have someone like Stewart, drawing from real life inspiration, leading out the story, but when on the ground the film comes off as an advertising reel for the Air Force that's punctured by military musings. None of which is very interesting.

On the major side of plus points is the planes themselves, those B36/47 Bombers are a sight to behold, graceful yet menacing, and beautifully brought to life in Vista Vision and Technicolor. The "loyal wife of an airman" thread is neatly welded into the human story, with Allyson's chemistry with Stewart set in stone after their work together in The Stratton Story (1949) & TheGlen Miller Story (1954).

Hardly a stinker, then, and Lay's story was Oscar Nominated, but it is a chore to get through, and one has to be suspicious of a film where the best thing about it is an aeroplane. 4/10

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