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The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

Return to a world of two realities: one, everyday life; the other, what lies behind it. To find out if his reality is a construct, to truly know himself, Mr. Anderson will have to choose to follow the white rabbit once more.

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The Synopsis for The Matrix Resurrections (2021) 720p

Return to a world of two realities: one, everyday life; the other, what lies behind it. To find out if his reality is a construct, to truly know himself, Mr. Anderson will have to choose to follow the white rabbit once more.

The Director and Players for The Matrix Resurrections (2021) 720p

[Director]Lana Wachowski
[Role:]Keanu Reeves
[Role:]Carrie-Anne Moss
[Role:]Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

The Reviews for The Matrix Resurrections (2021) 720p

A Resurrection That Is Divided Between Old and New To A Limiting BalanceReviewed byrgkarimVote: 6/10


The Nostalgia:My experience with the Matrix is like many with loads of things that I remember making the movie amazing. Resurrection tries very hard to bring all that to the first installment, providing fan service and references to hopefully distract and please the already high stakes audience. Status of famous moments, classic lines littered in the dialogue, Easter eggs of props, and even classic scenes litter this movie in hopes of pulling you back into the world of computers and deception. At times, there is great awe in what they pulled back into this movie, claps and applause at the details, the shots, and the reliving of the classic movies with modern day graphics to whet the appetite as to what else will be tied into the movie. It's that foundation to an extent that makes for a good sequel, helping to erect a modern twist to the film.

The Humor:While not the classiest of the bunch, nor the most unique, Matrix Resurrections gets points for the foresight of being its own critic with the way they did the humor. It jabs at itself and finds a way to bring some meta humor into the mix in hopes of pointing out all the nuances that came with this revival, including poking at the company itself. A bold move and well timed, that irony comedy is a slight plus to the opening manner in the place of this film.

The Logic To Some Degree:The movie had a lot of gaps in code to patch through, and to some extent they were able to accomplish this with the story telling. A hybrid of old and new, Resurrections takes the time to explain (what was probably already known) and helps again bridge the past to the present with some decent explanations, some skeletal work, and some promise of the technological adaptation that this series thrives on. It's a logic that is semi-befitting of the Matrix and was the story elements I was hoping to dive more into, but it was a start.

The Special Effects:While heavily CGI based at times, the movie did manage to immerse us back into the world of the Matrix. Lots of elements from the old have been updated, with bullet time, over the top stunts, and the classic agent moves coming to life much more effortlessly. Other elements like the real world, the ship designs, and some of the new action holds more of the spectacles and I loved getting the world to unfold again with updated technology. It's the highlight of the movie for me and certainly the biggest draw to the theater for this reviewer if you needed to maximize the experience.

DISLIKES:The Villains To An Extent:The first Matrix held a lot of promising villains for Neo to try and work around in his quest for enlightenment and truth. For Resurrections however, the antagonists are a bit meh in my books compared to the design of the old. The new Smith is just not that antagonizing and seems limited to the old form, in both performance and style, feeling like this washed out version that needs another movie to get right. All the big bad machines that once were hunting and lethal, are background noise that did not fit as smoothly into the world and felt sort of forced for the parts we saw. As for the Analyst, there is again promise and he held the most sinister aspects thanks to Neil Patrick Harris, but even he seems a bit downgraded compared to the trilogy's band of elite programs. Even the "climactic moments" of this character were limited, a farce of the balance that was once held between the titans of the Matrix.

Missing the Philosophical/Complexity:The first three Matrix movies were all about the layers of the movie and how deep the corruption went in the solution for liberation from the confines of the computer. Amidst the chaos of the Sci-Fi story, the movie held philosophical questions and religious references that were integrated but never overtook the story element. The balance was a fantastic, multi-tiered movie, which made you think and added mystery to the movie, further pulling us into deciphering the code and the way the plot would unfold given everything. In this film though... that intrigue and mystery is missing, all the answers laid out for you in a bland manner that is simplistic and mediocre in the new age of this world. Throw in the new approach destroying a lot of the religious context the first film held, and the very foundations that pulled me in further drop to deletion.

The Lackluster Characters At Time:Again, we held connections to the crew of the original ship and the real world as they tried to accomplish the missions to break the Matrix and stop the war. The connection to the characters added suspense to the mix and a bit of heartbreak when a character was removed from the lines due to fate's circumstance. Yet in the Matrix Resurrections, that was missing big time for me, replacing the approach with minimalistic characters who gave enough to be remembered, but did not establish the connection to really care if they survived. The disconnection again led to boring moments and a disengagement from the movie as a whole.

The Nostalgia Gets too Much:Bringing nostalgia into the mix is a wonderful tactic to reignite the spark, but when you take it too far that it gets in the way of the story, that's when it goes too far. Matrix takes all the retro ideas and blows them to too high of proportions, cramming all the patchy references and fan service to the tale that it severely disrupts the programming of a good story/movie that it could have been. It tried too hard to include too much of the old, and eventually got the point of eye rolling annoyance for me as these things can sometimes get into. To give you an example, there are literally a few moments in the opening acts of the movie that are almost straight up copies of the original, only much less coordinated, complied, or of good quality. That unoriginality and shortcuts are boring to fans like me and was carried too far for my tastes.

The Action:You might think that despite all this, there has to be enough action to offset the gaps and limitations to the story, like numbers 2 and 3 right? Nope. Resurrections action is kind of lackluster as well, missing the pizazz, quality, and again suspense that mad ethe first three movies the edgy picture that it once was. Outside of bland characters that are playing the roles, the Matrix 4's action is lowered for a few reasons. First, the action is kind of low key and ill-placed, with most of the moments either poor remakes, or short lived moments that soon get bogged down in conversation. A few moments manage to start hitting the level of the past, primarily a train scene, but this is a rare moment given the nearly 2.5 hours that was quite a shame. Second, the visuals and fight styles are a bit cheesy and simplistic as the movie progresses. Remember the past where we had nail biting moves, close calls, injuries, and uber moments of exploiting the Matrix to pull off killer moves (wall running, sword swinging, dodges with bikes, etc.)? However, this movie is again lacking, taking the promising moments and soon turning them into stale moments of simple pushing and pulling that are lazy and overdone. Third: Much of the action takes place offscreen, or we decide to pan out and have it take place in a wide simplistic shot. The scenes feel uncoordinated and absent and lack the fluidity that we once held, which again was not what the resurrection needed. Finally, the times we do see the fights, they feel artificial, and the editing is very rapid, cut away, and stitched to only further minimize the majesty of the fight. All of it felt low caliber, lost to everything this movie once cherished.

The Opening Act:My word was this the worst part of the movie for me. Resurrections is trying to get you into trying to wonder what is going on, but it get diluted into a messy Groundhog's Day approach that lost entertainment and value. It took way too long to get to any remote adventure, was so convoluted in their approach to figure out what they wanted to present and it just failed to be entertaining. No close calls, no mystery, and very sloppy versions of classic scenes did little to give me the balance we once held and had me fighting sleep as I hoped there would be the Matrix magic coming.

The VERDICT:Overall, Matrix Resurrections did not revive the movie the way I wanted it to and instead brought it back the way I expected it to happen. There is foundation to work with and potential to make some deeper movies that will explore a lot of concepts if given the right director/writer as the new story tries to find itself. Certainly there are some wow factors in special effects, promising actors, and some logic that bridges the gaps, but they can only do so much given the gaping flaws of the movie. The fourth movie does too much and seems lost in the modern and the old, diluting the quality for the quantity in this attempt to bring back the franchise that had wrapped up nicely. All the things I loved about the Matrix had been reduced to level 1-2 in terms of quality and I was bored for much of the film with no connection. All the action, storytelling, thinking, and quality science fiction that the original trilogy held is sort of gone and I kind of now only care about the story for that amazing game that could be on the horizon. In my opinion, this movie is all about watching at home, and I can't say I would be looking forward to a sequel unless they get back to the roots and reign in the wild west of ideas that this reboot is sort of in right now.

My scores for Matrix 4 are:

Action/Sci-Fi: 6.0Movie Overall: 5.0.

An insult to the viewerReviewed byimdb2-5Vote: 1/10

A good number of professional movie critics are not fully honest, fearful of burning bridges with those in the industry. But this time, a larger number have even had a hard time stomaching their disgust for this lazy, bloated, boring tribute to itself.

In a nutshell, this is what happens when a concept should have ended earlier, becomes a trilogy that should have nailes the coffin shut, and they decide they still want to cash in on an easy reboot of the same intellectual property they own. It's so convoluted that it must be explained to the viewer, in great detail, as if a board room pitch with the questions: So sis it all make sense? What do you think?

The answers are "no" and "sets a new low on useless sequels that at least could have been 100 minutes to minimize the waste of time." It's hard to go back to the original with a straight face after having seen this.

The Anomaly of AnomaliesReviewed byrichardchattenVote: 6/10

At two and an half hours all the hushed talk, bone-crushing violence and showy special effects gets very tiring. But there are occasional flashes of wit and grace; and Jessica Henwick and Neil Patrick Harris are welcome additions to the franchise.

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