The Ron Clark Story (2006) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Ron Clark Story (2006) 1080p

The Ron Clark Story is a TV movie starring Matthew Perry, Judith Buchan, and Griffin Cork. A small-town teacher relocates to one of the toughest classrooms in the country.

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The Synopsis for The Ron Clark Story (2006) 1080p

1998. Ron Clark, still relatively early in his career, leaves his stable life teaching at an elementary school in his suburban North Carolina hometown, the school where he is appreciated by both his fellow teachers and his students for his innovative teaching methods which results in raising test scores. Instead, he decides to look for a teaching job at a tough New York inner city school where he feels he can be more useful. He eventually finds a job at Inner Harlem Elementary School, where the students are segregated according to their potential. As Clark is white and "nice" looking, Principal Turner wants to assign him to the honors class, especially as Turner's job security depends on good test scores. Clark, however, wants to take the most disadvantaged class. He quickly learns that it will be a battle of wills between himself and his disruptive students to see who can outlast the other. But he also learns that he has to understand them, both individually and collectively, on ...

The Director and Players for The Ron Clark Story (2006) 1080p

[Director]Randa Haines
[Role:]Jerry Callaghan
[Role:]Griffin Cork
[Role:]Judith Buchan
[Role:]Matthew Perry

The Reviews for The Ron Clark Story (2006) 1080p

The Ron Clark StoryReviewed byybrannonVote: 10/10

This is one of the "BEST" movies that I have seen in many years. It was very inspirational to me as an educator, but inspiring to me to know that there are still a lot of caring teachers, out there that care enough and do NOT give up on the children from the "inner cities." Thank You so much Mr. Ron Clark, You truly are the "badest teacher," as voted. I hope that many young people see this wonderful story and strive to work toward a degree in education, and really consider the "inner schools," where the need is so so great! I wish that I could have had a movie like this to inspire me, when I was in college. I would one day like to visit the "Ron Clark Acadamy."

love the kidsReviewed bySnoopyStyleVote: 7/10

It's 1998. Ron Clark (Matthew Perry) gets results as an elementary teacher but he leaves his job in the small town of Aurora, North Carolina for NYC. He wants to find a teaching job in Harlem. He starts as a waiter where he befriends Marissa Vega. Inner Harlem Elementary School Principal Turner (Ernie Hudson) dismisses him as being too nice but Clark pushes to teach the worst class in the school. The kids are disruptive. Tayshawn is a troubled kid from a bad foster home. Shameika Wallace is busy taking care of her 3 siblings. Julio is taking bets on how long the teacher lasts. Badriyah is quietly hiding her brains.

This is a functional white savior teacher movie. There are some hokey stuff that is traditional to the genre. Matthew Perry does a good job with some slightly more serious acting. I love the kids most of all. Both Brandon Mychal Smith and Hannah Hodson show some promising skills. The story stays traditional and on the expected path.

Mr. Chips and Miss Dove don't get this movie.Reviewed byrick-keseleyVote: 5/10

Much of what Ron Clark professes is missing from this movie if you dare to compare the movie with what he says when he lectures. I guess one might say this is "loosely" based on a true story.

As a new teacher of high school kids, I can't say for certain whether clowning around with 5th graders really makes them like learning, but I'm certain that when they get to high school and they can't read or do simple math, no amount of humor can overcome the attitude that years of social promotion creates. Hats off to any teacher that get these kids started in learning.

As far as the movie version, Matthew Perry does not capture the manic energy of the real Ron Clark; he's far too adult and restrained. Clark is a whirlwind; a person you can't quite believe is real. Clark literally sweeps people along with his personal energy while talking a mile a minute. Perry just doesn't get it. His scenes with children are unbelievable, because they are too easily won over. Now if he'd only known karate, he'd of had them at "hello" or so says Hollywood.

I gave this film a 5, because its message that all children can learn is inspirational. A far better recent film is "Stand and Deliver"(1988), but the reason I'm a teacher is because of movies like "Good Morning, Miss Dove"(1955) and "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" (1939).

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