The Unwilling (2017) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Unwilling (2017) 1080p

The Unwilling is a movie starring David Lipper, Dina Meyer, and Bree Williamson. After the death of a much despised patriarch, a mysterious box shows up during the reading of the will, forcing the family to reckon with each of their...

IMDB: 4.10 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Thriller
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.55G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 81
  • IMDB Rating: 4.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 0 / 0

The Synopsis for The Unwilling (2017) 1080p

When five relatives come to the perfectly ordered home of David Harris, a shut in, to hear the reading of the will of his hated father, they are surprised by the delivery of an old antique box. Once activated, the box starts to reveal special items to each one in turn, which lead to surprising and mysterious deaths. As each person succumbs to the box's mysterious hold on them, David fears his father's dangerous spirit has returned from the dead demanding retribution. But he soon realizes something far more ancient and terrifying has invaded his protected home, and if he can't solve the puzzle of the devilish box, he will surely die with the rest of them, all entombed in his house forever.

The Director and Players for The Unwilling (2017) 1080p

[Director]Jonathan Heap
[Role:]Robert Rusler
[Role:]Dina Meyer
[Role:]David Lipper
[Role:]Bree Williamson

The Reviews for The Unwilling (2017) 1080p

So bad you gotta love it!Reviewed bypaulclaassenVote: 3/10

I've been a Lance Henriksen fan ever since I saw him in Pumpkinhead. Apart from being a very versatile actor, I really love his voice. Pity he was only in the film a few minutes. I loved the very different characters - each with their own issues. The photography was very amateurish at times. Some interesting visuals (note I said interesting not good). Interestingly enough, the film won an award for Best Visual Effects...The film got increasingly worse as it progressed, but hey, if you want to see something you haven't seen before, then this is probably it. The effects are very, very low budget and practical. Its definitely not a good film, but somehow I still found it watchable. The ending was pretty laughable, actually, but you have to see it. You will be entertained either way - whether you like it or hate it.

"I'm the bird in the belly of the cat!"Reviewed byRatedVforVinnyVote: 6/10

The visual effects are rather good and elevate what would be a quite standard horror, into a rather sterling effort. No need to be too harsh on such low budgeted movies and throughout the duration, i found it quite entertaining. Actually it's a bit better than a lot of expensive Hollywood films and it won't be a let down to fans of the genre. If you don't raise your expectations too highly it will work for you. Oh and there is also the fab Lance Henriksen but only in a short cameo role.

Stars for the other works by the famous actors. Nothing else about this videotaped, yep...videotaped thing with clueless photography & direction.Reviewed bynealvan557Vote: 4/10

Cheaply made bad movies can be fun, but in my opinion actors should have the same level of integrity and pride in their product as I have my entire life as a professional musician. I'd NEVER go play a gig with garbage equipment. I have too much respect for my own level of professionalism and always trying my best to entertain those who paid to see me and my band mates perform. Too many bands have no standards and in the world today, the venues are letting them get away with having no talent at all. The main reason is because the customers don't complain like they used to in the 'good ole days'. Once upon a time... when a band was playing even at local cover bars and was not top notch, the patrons would complain and that band would never play that venue again. Now, the patrons don't care. The bands average quality has gone in the toilet, and the local bar owners aren't paying more than $300 for a four hour show by a full band of any size. Consider that being a musician is one of the few jobs someone has where they MUST learn to perform for years before doing a show. Buy their own equipment which can cost thousands of dollars. Drive to their gig, take about an hour to set up. Play for four hours or longer. Then break down everything, pack up, drive back home, and unload everything into your house. Add all those hours up and divide the pay by the minimum of 3 person band, it adds up to $100 per person per night for the 'privilege to play at some dive club or bar. Keep in mind the people playing have spent thousands of dollars in lessons and gear, hundreds of hours practicing, gas money there and back like every job not from home, and all the hours each show costs in time divided into at least six hours of work per person. That comes out to about $15/hr. IF you have only three people in the band. And the way things are now, only the weekend nights are the two nights per week you have a chance to play. Anyone want a job like this for an average weekly pay of $200 minus expenses?

The point of all this is to emphasize my initial statement about integrity and why it's so important. I'll never understand why famous actors who have done top notch movies would agree to do something as pathetic as this movie I give four stars to just because of the actors previous work and quality. And in case no one knows... my musician life and those of actors trying to become known are the root of the phrase...Starving Artist. Simple premise nonone can live on such poor income or no income and even if you work, no benefits until you hit the big time. Anyone ever think what happens to non famous people who get sick and have no health coverage? I'll guess that might be why talented actors do such terrible movies since they are Unionized and must be paid the minimum. I've no idea what that might be, but I'm fairly certain it's much more than someone like me would ever get since musicians have no more unions in most areas of work like we used to, and all else already written. We get sick or for any reason can't play. The band typically gets a fill in player unless whatever you're doing musically is so amazing, no one else can fill in. Then the gig gets cancelled and the owner of the venue might decide to not hire you again.

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