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Threshold (2020)

THRESHOLD follows a sister, claiming to be cursed, as she persuades her brother to embark on a cross country road trip to break her spell.

IMDB: 6.30 Likes

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  • IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 17

The Synopsis for Threshold (2020) 720p

THRESHOLD follows a sister, claiming to be cursed, as she persuades her brother to embark on a cross country road trip to break her spell.

The Director and Players for Threshold (2020) 720p

[Director]Powell Robinson
[Role:]John Terrell
[Role:]Daniel Abraham Stevens
[Role:]Nadine Sondej-Robinson
[Role:]Joey Millin

The Reviews for Threshold (2020) 720p

Reaching the threshold.Reviewed bymorrison-dylan-fanVote: 8/10

After seeing the fun doc Clapboard Jungle: Surviving the Independent Film Business (2020-also reviewed) I was pleased to see that Grimmfest were hosting a second preview of a film soon to be released by Arrow,which led to me hitting the threshold.

Note:Some plot details in review.

View on the film:

Revealed in a interview after the screening/stream by the film makers that the title was only made with a brief outline of the plot,and no scripted third act, (but an extensive workshop session with the cast leading to detailed biographies which the cast regularly refereed to during filming.)

the method that writer/co-director (with Powell Robinson) Patrick Robert Young decided to sketch out the relationship between brother Leo and sister Virginia with,brilliantly works in creating a spur of the moment openness in the largely improvised dialogue.

Keeping the spiky surreal Horror and Sci-Fi elements on the edges until they crash into Leo and Virginia in the starkly creepy final twist, Young sends the duo on a Mumblecore Road Movie of self-discovery, where their laid bare discussions on family trauma and harrowing memories,are dipped in the threat of a supernatural cult lingering at the side of the road.

Detailing in the interview afterwards that the entire film was shot with just two iPhones over 12 days and a crew of just three people (!) co-directors Young & Robinson give Leo and Virginia (played with a excellent, vulnerable rawness by Joey Millin and Madison West) adventures on the road an impressive shine,with the size of the cameras allowing for fluid close-ups inside the car (filmed in real locations)on the growing trust between the duo, as they get out of the car,and under a reflecting sun,reach their threshold.

No horror.Reviewed byPatient444Vote: 6/10

This movie sure made a lot for itself, from great character development, to a nice plot, little pieces of mystery and the promise of horror.

Now the latter one arrives at the end mark, it has a nice touch but doesn't qualify the movie as horror so if you're genre hunting, look elsewhere. It acts beautifully as a drama, perhaps, just a tad bit, a psychological edge as well, but even tho it presents itself quite lovely and has a nice flow to it, the ending made it feel incomplete. We get to know a lot about the characters, and for a low budget horror I must add that they were not annoying ones, which was a surprise, you even get to root for them, yet the feeling of always expecting for the action to start, for more plot to develop stays with you and never gets satisfied.

So all in all, a great little film that is not a horror. It seems like a made-for-tv production, cute way to spend your time, I doubt that it even has an age limit really.


not interesting at allReviewed byyamahapicVote: 2/10

Artists are ok but the script is not interesting at all.

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