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Woman in Hiding (1950)

Woman in Hiding is a movie starring Ida Lupino, Stephen McNally, and Howard Duff. After her father is killed in an accident, mill heiress Deborah Chandler marries the plant manager, Selden Clark, but his motives are suspicious.

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The Synopsis for Woman in Hiding (1950) 720p

Deborah Chandler's rejected suitor, Selden Clark, manages the factory of her father, who dies: did he fall or was he pushed? But charming Clark manages to win her over and marry her. On the honeymoon, Clark's former girl Patricia intervenes and opens Deborah's eyes, alas too late. Now Clark tries to kill Deborah. Believed dead by all but Clark, she flees. But drifter Keith Ramsey recognizes and follows her. Can she trust him? Can he believe her?

The Director and Players for Woman in Hiding (1950) 720p

[Director]Michael Gordon
[Role:]Ida Lupino
[Role:]Howard Duff
[Role:]Stephen McNally
[Role:]Peggy Dow

The Reviews for Woman in Hiding (1950) 720p

Effective "lady in distress" tale with Lupino as woman on the run...Reviewed byDoylenfVote: 6/10

As in almost all of these suspenseful melodramas from the '50s, there are certain lapses in logic throughout WOMAN IN HIDING that had me shaking my head in disbelief. Some of the choices that Lupino makes as the vulnerable heroine are too foolhardy to be believable, but once the plot starts rolling there's no turning away.

A particularly bad choice is the scene where she casually gets into a car with Peggy Dow, a scorned woman who is leading her into a trap which brings her right back to the man (Stephen McNally) she is hiding from at a dark and sinister mill.

But despite such motivational flaws, the film manages to be a better than average melodrama with all three leads--Ida Lupino, Howard Duff and Stephen McNally--giving expert performances.

Most effective aspect is the tight pace of the story and the film noir look of the B&W photography. Ida Lupino gives another one of her tense performances as she gets caught up in the excessive manipulations of McNally who is intent on killing her to inherit her father's mill. Howard Duff tries to help once he understands her fears and from that point on the story leaps forward to a satisfying ending involving a trick later used to good effect in Joan Crawford's "Sudden Fear." Not a great film, but a satisfying "lady in distress" melodrama.

Killer pursuitReviewed byTheLittleSongbirdVote: 7/10

'Woman in Hiding', when hearing of it through a fellow user recommendation, has the sort of concept that immediately had me sold. Being a fan of the genre (a mix of film noir and crime) and that type of film. While not considering Michael Gordon (my first exposure to him being 'Pillow Talk' and 'Move Over Darling') one of my favourite directors, he didn't fare too badly if not exceptionally in the genre. Both Ida Lupino and Steven McNally have been great in other films.

There may be many other films of the genre or with not too dissimiliar stories, both before and since, that are a lot better than 'Woman in Hiding'. It is still a good example of how good Gordon was at directing film noirs when the material was good, which it generally is here despite being imperfect, and how far he had come on from his "B-movie" period in the early 40s. Both Lupino and McNally come over well, though to me both have been better.

Am going to start with what 'Woman in Hiding' didn't do so well. Some of the story is on the ridiculous side and strains credibility, especially towards the end such as Deborah being that trusting of Patricia. Likewise with the rather vague and foolish motivations and decision making that make the characters at times seem idiotic.

Did feel that the hotel convention scene was not as suspenseful as it should have been and came as too busy and silly.

Having said all of this, 'Woman in Hiding' is a tightly plotted film and does have a dark and tense atmosphere a lot of the time. Did get creeps and chills a fair few times. Despite it going downhill a bit from the hotel convention scene, it does pick up in the climax. Which was not a predictable one and was genuinely anxiety-inducing. Gordon directs in an assured fashion and the script intrigues and entertains enough. All the cast perform expertly, Howard Duff's role does not sound interesting but actually he is a strong sympathetic presence in it. Peggy Dow does very well as Patricia.

Lupino has the most difficult part and plays it with searing intensity and pathos. McNally is genuinely menacing, the character is obvious but his performance does give the creeps. 'Woman in Hiding' is very atmospherically and stylishly photographed and lit, really enhancing especially the mill setting later on. The music is suitably ominous and the sound did give me the jitters without over-emphasising.

All in all, not great but pretty good despite a few frustrations. 7/10

Forgotten gemReviewed byjamesjustice-92Vote: 8/10

To begin with I never liked noir genre and thankfully this movie has only got a small portion of it - all the rest consists of a gorgeous drama, chilling thriller and a romance that happened unintentionally and all the three genres perfectly blend together making it one of the best movies in its genre which is unfairly forgotten now. Ida Lupino is an absolute master and her stunning performance has been playing the first fiddle throughout the whole movie, not allowing us to leave it in peace. "Woman in hiding" keeps you guessing until the very end, it hints, gives clues to what might happen but you can never really be sure what exactly and this is the best thing about movies in general as an art. For me, unfortunately, this is a one-time movie as I don't really like paperthin storylines and no subtext but it was a brilliant ride anyway.

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